No public link available for USB shares

I’m using a 2nd generation single bay My Cloud device, and have, over the past year, migrated my media to a USB mass storage (14TB WD Elements). This setup works nicely for me.
My issue is that I am unable to generate public links to any folder in that USB share, like I am able to with folders in the actual NAS. To share my media, I have to create additional users and give them access to my media, but I’d rather not go that route. Is there a way to create publicly shareable (read only) links to USB shares?


First look at the User Manual for the 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD and see if that helps. You may want to look at Chapter 12.

Have you looked at the User Guide for OS5?

[My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (]

USB Backups
(My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual)

Yes, I have gone through the manual and had a look at the USB subsection. However, I feel that my query is not clearly understood.
I can access all USB content from the local network, and I can access it remotely as well. My query is on sharing USB content via a public link (creating a link pointing to the USB share for public consumption).
Before I had the USB mass storage, I used to have all my media within the My Cloud device itself, and I’d always been able to generate public links for it (before and after OS5). Then I ran out of space, got myself the 14TB mass storage (which is seen by the My Cloud as yet another share) and migrated all my media there. Once that was done, I lost the ability to generate public links to any content in that USB share (everything else works perfectly).

Have you asked your question in the WD Elements sub forum?
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Is this what you own? 480GB WD Elements™ SE | Western Digital

WD Support has a Knowledge Base article covering how to share files and directory content.

My Cloud OS 5: Share Files and Directory Content

Have you enabled Mobile & Web App Access for the USB Share in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab/section?

Yes, that has always been enabled.
I suppose that I should have mentioned from the beginning that the USB Share has the typically the same settings as my private share which resides in the device itself, with FTP access also enabled. The difference, however is that I have set it up such that anonymous access is read only, in contrast to my private share where anonymous access it totally barred. I was initially suspicious of this condition but that concern is balanced by the fact that I am yet able to create public links to protected content within my own private share, leading me to believe that it can only be due to the fact that one share resides internally while the other resides externally.

No, that is not what I own. Allow me to reiterate:
I have a 2nd generation (OS5) My Cloud single bay device on whose USB port is connected a 14TB WD Elements mass storage drive. I use this drive to store all my media so that it may be streamed and shared from there.

Have you signed into and checked to see if you can create a link there to share folders, etc.? See if your USB drive shows when you connect that way.


Yes, I have been signed and have the NAS connected to the cloud. I can create links to content as long as that content resides in the internal storage. For all contant in the USB mass storage, no option exists to create links.