New shares only accesible with public permissions!


I have an USB hard drive connected to my NAS but it is only accesible by the My Cloud mobile App (iOS) if it has public permissions! I want it with admin privileges and be managed by the app.

Anyone with this issue?


  • Turn OFF Public on the USB Share
  • Give ‘admin’ user READ/WRITE access under Shares and make sure Web & Mobile Cloud is ON
  • Ensure to login to mobile and web app with the admin users email address

out of curiosity, does the latest USB Backup app update for OS 5 revert the permissions so that admin DOES NOT need to have read/write access to private shares ?

i had to allow admin read/write to my private shares in order for me to be able to back them up using the USB Backup app. when admin does not have this privilege, the private shares do not appear in the folder list when creating a backup job.

i do not want to keep the admin read/write access to my private shares, for security reasons.

I do it, but it does not work… :frowning:

I think it is a bug.

Could you please make a probe? I would be very happy if someone cant do this test and report :slight_smile:

I have just created a new shared resource, not public, private, admin privileges and it does not appear in the mobile/web application!

Please, any clue?

Thanks in advance

@jant Please ensure that your firmware is version 5.06.115 which includes an updated USB Backup app v1.21.

@SBrown I’m afraid it is nothing to do with the USB backup (in fact I changed the subject of this thread). Any shared resource with private permissions does not appear in the application for mobile or web. I’m using the latest firmware

By the way, the already existing shares with OS 3 appear in the application. The new one does not.

Something is not working…


@jant I’ve sent you a private message for more information.