P2P share access permissions



When I set the P2P share (gets created automatically when using the “P2P Downloads” app) to be private, and give the admin user read & write access by flipping the switch under “User Access”, it gets back to “Deny Access” after refreshing the page.

Thins I’ve tried;

  • Changed the permission from both the “Users” pane and the “Shares” pane
  • Removed and re-created the share
  • Used the “System Only” restore
  • Upgraded firmware
  • Re-configured password of the admin account after the firmware upgrade
  • No issues with other shares

Can someone else try changing it and report back to me so we can see if it’s working as designed or not? However, I would expect to see a warning message if it’s not possible to change its permissions.

Thank you!


Hopefully an experienced user will be able to test and confirm.


I hope so! Because WD closed my support case that I opened to ask about this behaviour, with no updates or no information why they did so and of course, without asking me. I had to open another case just to ask the reason.


I have the same problem. The only way to access to the p2p share is to make it public.


Same issue, seems that is mandatory to set P2P public to have remote access to it. Maybe WD will provide a good reason for it, or a fix.


I’ve gotten the same problem. Does anyone have a solution/fix for this instead of making it public?