P2P Downloads it´s a mess to access the folder, settings wont stay

I´ve got a PR4100 and one of the apps is giving me headache, the P2P Downloads. Ive set it up and download properly torrents.

When I go to shares by default my users (admin) is set to DENY ACCESS, if I set it up to writte/read it wont work. It will simply show as I have read and writte access but when I change tabs or re-enter to shares it will show as DENY ACCESS still. The only way to acess it will be to make the folder public which I dont want. I want it to keep it private to me and other users but it wont simply work

How to avoid this?


This isn’t normal, I would recommend that you reboot the My Cloud and make sure the latest firmware is installed.

If the issue persists, try performing a system only restore: