No Power

Hey I just bought this External hardrive on Jan 8th and its uploaded some of my Imac’s content.

A power failure struck my house and so all the electronic drives cut out therefore my MY BOOK and IMAC computer.

since then my MY BOOK hasnt turned on and iv tried other powerpoints etc., disconnecting from computer then turning on, unplugging everything then plugging it in but its still not working

Any suggestion tech??

If so thanks a lot

If not,

I’ll go replace it with warranty

If the LED in the front of the WD external drive does not come on or flashing after you hooked it up to a live AC outlet.

Please take it back and exchange it.

In the circumstances you describe, have you considered claiming against your power supplier?

Do any LEDs light up?

Does the drive spin up?

If not, can you hear it trying to spin up? Any beeping or buzzing?

If the drive is powered from an AC adapter, have you checked that it is working?