My Book Pro Stopped Powering Up


I’ve had the My Book Pro for maybe 3 years now and was always attached to the computer with Firewire 800. It’s a Mac G5 with 10.5.8. I use it for backup. Now it just stopped working. There’s no power when I plug it in. I tried unplugging all cables and plugging in it different outlets, nothing happens. I wonder if I’m still within my warranty, I don’t remember when I bought it and can’t find the receipt. Can you recommend what to do. I live in NYC, is there are disk repair business you can recommend around here?



Does the WD My Book Pro drive making any noise when you plug it to your computer?

If not, may be just the AC adapter is not working.

Try a known good working 12V 1.5Amp AC adapter.

Does the WD My Book Pro drive making any noise when you plug it to your computer?

If not,  I think the internal hard drive is not spining.

You may contact WD technical support or get to  to check for your warranty status.

Here is the link to check the WD drive status I found it for you.

Did you drop it?

Did you overvolt it with the wrong AC adapter?

Thanks for all replies.

I did not drop it, no. It was attached to the computer at all time, I tried to backup some data and saw that it no longer shows up on the desktop so then i saw it was not powered and try to do it but no success. I didn’t realize it was not working until I tried to back up some information. 

It doesn’t make any noise, I can’t hear a disk spinning or anything, it has no power at all.

Thanks for the warranty check up url. It turns out it’s still under warranty, fortunately, until march. Does that mean I have a free repair (recovery) if necessary or only replacement?

I’ll cjeck first if it’s the power source though, will get an adaptor and test that first. Hope it is so.

Thanks again,


Have now    exactly the same problem - non-spinning   dead ?  1TB caviar HD 

took it out of the enclosure   - put it in another enclosure - took it to TekServe  so they 

recommended data recovery     - am trying now to figure out where to send it 

and my chance of success - it just stopped , was not dropped , or anything     - 7 mos old

any thoughts on possible outcomes solutions ?  thanks

Can you upload a detailed photo of the component side of your circuit board to a file sharing service?

With any luck, your drive will have an open fuse (or fusible resistor) plus a shorted protection diode (TVS) near the SATA power connector.

The fix is to bridge the fuse and remove the diode. The drive will work perfectly OK without the TVS diode, albeit without protection on the affected supply rail.

See the following article for help in identifying the components.

HDD from inside Main parts: