No power to drive

Mac 10.5.8

1TB My Book drive

This used to work when I turned it off 6 moths ago.  Now I have no pwer to the drive whatsoever.  It just sits there dead, despite being connected via Firewire 800.  No response from power button.

Have ininstalled and re-installed drivers. Is there a software thing here or am I screwed.  I can not find the power adapter to test that route.  Thanks

If it’s a My Book, it needs the power adapter to work.  If you don’t have a power adapter plugged in, it won’t work.  You need to get the power adapter.

Did you use the power supply we bundled with your drive? Are you plugging your external hard drive’s A/C adapter into a power strip or directly into a wall socket? If you are using a power strip or battery backup then we recommend that you connect your hard drive directly into a wall socket. In the past, we have seen several customers who have had issues using power strips and battery backup devices. If you remove the data cable from your external hard drive does it turn on? What happens if you plug the drive into a different A/C outlet at your location?

Try doing the following to see if the drive powers on. First, unplug everything from the drive. Make sure that one end of the power adapter is plugged directly into the wall and then connect the other end into the external. Wait a few seconds for the drive to perform its internal test. Press the power button on the drive. Did the drive power on?:robotvery-happy:

In addition to the WD_Tech_Gus:

After you have hooked up all the Firewire and the AC Adapter power to the WD My Book. 

a. Does the WD My Book drive LED lit up?

b. Can you hear it spinning or making noise?

c. If you answer no to a or b.

    . Try unplug all of the Firewire and the AC Adapter power from the WD My Book. 

    .  Re-hooking up the Firewire and the AC Adapter power to the WD My Book. 

    . Wait a few seconds, If the answer is still no, then it sounds like the WD My Book drive did not get the power.

    . Try another AC adapter that has 12V DC with 1.5 amp out put if you have.