WD My book it starts and than it goes back down... Need help!

I have checked through the whole website and read so many of messages hoping I could fine a fix to my problem

but I’m very disappointed that there was no help from “WD staff”.

Anyway I have mybook that’s over year old and I have everything backed up on it , my  pictures, music, videos etc, so all of sudden it stopped working. I power it up and turns on fine it starts to spin and than goes down. I do not get any message or anything on my PC or MAC Book Pro. Both PC and MAC do not see recognize it I have swapped cables but no luck.

Although I see a solid green light when connected.

I wanted to know if there is any way I can retrieve my data from it 

please help!!!

Danii64 wrote:

I’m very disappointed that there was no help from “WD staff”.

This is user-to-user, not WD tech support.

Have you tried plugging the MyBook’s power adaptor directly into the wall instead of plugged into a power bar?

thanks for the reply!

i just tried a different power soruce but still the same it powers up i hear the disk spin and then i hear a sinking noise and than nothing happens… light stays green though.

It still sounds like a power issue.  I know the first suspect is usually the outlet strip/power bar.

I don’t suppose you have a voltmeter, or access to one, to check the outlet and the power supply’s output, do you?