No Picture With HDMI

Hi guys,

Any idea why i can see the WDEP menu on my HD TV when i use HDMI.

It works fine with composite cable.

The same HDMI slot was used by my DVD player.

Any suggesstion is appreciated.


Are you asking why you “can” or “can’t” see the Elements Play menu?

I have exactly the same problem, the only way to see anything is via the component leads. I have changed the settings to 1080 60mhz  then waited a little while but for some reason no way can I see via HDMI, I have found someone else on this forum with the same problem. It will take a long time to remove all the files back to other drives if I have to return the unit.

Please can someone help?

Hi joelee,

Not sure if it will help you but have a look at my post.