WDEP not detected by HDTV via HDMI cable

Hi guys!

I have a WDEP 1TB and seems that it has a problem with HDMI output.

At first, when I connect the WDEP on my TV via HDMI cable it works fine, then I try to change the resolution output to 1080i 60Hz and it works fine as well, the display was great… But when I switch the WDEP and the TV off and switch on again, the TV cannot detect WDEP via HDMI connection. So I try to connect it via Composite AV connection then it works fine. I try to test the HDMI cable on other device and it perfectly works well.

So via Composite AV connection, the unit works well. So using this connection I try to change the resolution output of HDMI to 576p and connect the the HDMI cable then it works fine again. After that, I switch off the TV and WDEP and switch on again then the same problem, TV cannot detect WDEP. So I think theres problem with the resolution output of HDMI but I cannot fixed it… Could you please help me guys!!!


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I am just thinking aloud. What hardware does the elements have, which graphics and audio card does it have? 

Card?  It doesn’t have a graphics or audio “Card.”    The WDEP is based on the Amlogic chipset, if that’s what you mean.

Hi lemmorin,

Not sure if it will help you but have a look at my post,