Issue with WD Elements Play connected to a HDMI Switchbox

Hi Guys,

Sorry, but I’m another newbie.  I have searched the forum but not found a similar issue.

My TV has only one HDMI port so I purchased a HDMI switchbox which has 4HDMI ports + 1 output port (connected to the TV). 

In the switchbox I have a DVD player plugged in as well as my WD Elements Play.  The DVD player functions correctly but when I select the HDMI Port for my WD Elements Play it comes back with a message - – Unknown Format —.  If I plug the WD Elements directly to the TV it works fine, but ideally I’d like to be able to use the switchbox and not have to pull out cables etc.

My WD Elements is a wdbacc0010hbk

Any help greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Is this - – Unknown Format — message generated by the TV or by WDEP ?

I guess by the TV but can you confirm ?

Wow, thanks for the quick response.  The error message is generated by the TV

Thanks again

That means that WDEP outputs some strange format to your tv.

 But connected directly it works meaning the tv is ok (there is something called EDID - info from tv to a connected device which says what are supported formats e.g. 1080p 720p etc.).

So my quick conclusion is that there is something wrong with your switchbox which doesn’t pass through that EDID info.

Can you connect again directly and get a picture on tv and then set wdep manually to 1080p or something supported by your tv and then try again via switchbox ?