No Netflix applet

I recently have purchased a WDTV box. Firmware and software are up to date, but I cannot find any Netflix applet to access my Italian Netflix account. Why? Any TV Box has Netflix applets!

I’ve made this request to Italian Support and they said that WD TV Live Hub DO NOT supports “by design” Netflix app (in other countries TV Live Hub supports Netflix, maybe they modified the “design” in national boundaries and do not know how to make a patch now) and they also suggested me to buy another WD product. Maybe WD thinks that we want to buy one new product for each new app. The very kind of answer you want from a serious vendor.


Il mio nome è Paolo, il suo numero di caso è 102315-10421911.

Ci dispiace dirle che il suo dispositivo non supporta netflix,per motivi di design WD.
Ci sono però altri dispositivi Wd in grado di supportare questa applicazione.

Honestly I am very disappointed. I purchased the device one year ago, so it is not obsolete and Netflix was founded in 1997! It is not an obsolete device and there is no technical reason why it should not support Netflix. You have just to develop the firmware upgrade and provide us with an applet. It make no sense to request me to purchase another product of yours. If I have to spend money for Netflix support, I’ll do that with a more serious brand. :frowning:

I totally agree
I bought mine 2 weeks ago and no Netflix or I view
I tried to contact support by email and it kept refusing so I gave up and came here to be told there is no answer well it looks like I wont buy WD products again and waste my money
I always had great respect for WD as I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and they stuff it in one small purchase and over the years I’ve recommended them to a lot of clients

regarding the ABC iView situation ,

The ABC iView app was retired by ABC … not WD

It is no longer feasible to offer iview on devices unable to support this new technology, and/or where iview usage is the equivalent of less than 1% of all iview device use.

anyways … gotto go and watch some Netflix and ABC iView on my PS3 :wink: