Netflix for WD TV Media Player?

Is there any way that netflix app is coming for WD TV Media Player german/switzerland users??

The latest revision of the WD TV Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK / WDBPUF0000NBK) does not feature Netflix in any region.

thats why i am asking if there will be an update coming which allows to watch netflix on wd tv media player.

As hinted, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) is the version with Netflix support. The current WDTV Media Player product hardware is practically identical (just no LIVE on the front panel) but software is different - Netflix is one of the features removed.

I do not think there will ever be plans to put Netflix functionality so your best bet is to get the older version and update to the latest FW which brings features of both at par.

The device does not have the Netflix copy protection chip in it so never can have Netflix capability. Ther are inexpensive ways to get Netflix on your TV. A Chromecast on TV controlled by a phone or tablet with the Netflix app can do the job.

The Media Player capability is a strength, Streaming Apps is a major weakness -not just Netflix. Not to mention poor support.

Speaking more generally, having to buy another device, means another box to mange, another power outlet, another remote(I am never using my phone as a remote), another HDMI port…it soon becomes a mess.

Add to that, the latest firmware upgrade on the WD TV & WD TV Live effectively disables most of the apps.

Based on what I have seen with the same bugs/issues appearing on both boxes, it appears that the only difference between the two boxes is Netflix support and the label on the front of the box.

Given most retailers have cleared stock of the WD TV, I suspect there is a new product coming…or is that a bit of wishful thinking on my part.

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No one knows if there ever will be another WDTV. Notice all th posts that bring this topic up. My preferred way to get and watch Netflix has always been via the Roku. Do what’s best for you.

The WDTV Live Generation 3 uses Sigma SMP8670AD-CBE3…
The WD TV Media Player (2014) also seems to be using the Sigma SMP8670.

So the key difference is the firmware and WD have chosen NOT to allow a firmware swap .Netflix is now becoming ubiquitous (built-in on TVs and featured in newer devices like Roku3, Chromecast etc… So either swap your WD TV Media Player 2nd Gen with someone’s WD TV Live (Gen 3) Streaming Media Player, or get another device.

The Roku was the original Netflix player and the first. one was primarily a Netflix player . I have had the first three players and have stayed with the last one,Roku 2 since the newer ones had no great features I needed. Roku was first and best player and the WDTV was not a good UI and never use it for Netflix,used just as a media player.

I also had the WDTV Live but there was no wlan in it and i don’t have internet access in my room without wlan. Updates also just came out till 2011 and it not supported 2TB harddrives. So i bought recently WD TV Media player and thaugt wifi is included now i can watch netflix + use 2TB+ harddrives. I really hope they make an update and bring out netflix app cause i don’t see why you need internet if you just have crappy US apps which brings nothing. I also contacted support and they mentioned i should register here and add to suggestions that i would like to have netflix on tv media player and they would always read what people want and then might consider it and bring out that app.

My 3rd Gen no longer offers Netflix support since the 2.03.20 firmware update. When trying to access the Netflix service the device either hangs on a black screen (no Netflix logo and can’t return to menu) or it returns an error, ostensibly from Netflix, saying this device is unsupported, contact the manufacturer.

Cold boot time is also as much as three or four minutes and even warm boots are sometimes a minute long. Leaving the device running often results in low memory errors or videos stuttering or failing to play. Now about half of my MKVs which used to play smoothly no longer play at all.

I still have email from WD support on my WDTV Live unit. It explains how to activate Miricast which I did and as promised a large number of otherwise unseen apps showed up to the right of the screen. But; the promised NETFLIX app was not included.

There is also an instruction of loading an additional app through the USB device. This would mean access to Netflix app in a folder so it will install properly. I see one on Amazon which is perfect set up for Miricast etc. Even Kobo Books has an app for Netflix.

Because the apps are set up for immediate install we need to get it in a folder and open the folder on the USB stick. Or, a more civil thing would be for WD to undo the roll back and put the Netflix into a current update.

WD and Netflix may have problems between them but it is the people who chose WD TV Live who suffer for it.