No media files in Network Share folder

I set up my WDTV a few days ago, and I’m having quirky problems I can’t figure out. Sorry if these are noob questions or answers are posted elsewhere. The WD support site is a mess and I can’t find any info there. Can’t they allow you to search by product?!

My video media files are on a hard drive on my Mac which I connect to via Network Share. Videos are organized in folders on that drive. When I connect to that drive I can view all the videos in all the folders except for one. When I go into that one folder it says there are no playable media files. I’ve experimented and moved one of the videos that were visible in another folder into that folder, and the WDTV still thinks there are no media files in that folder. I’m at a loss as to what to do. 

Second issue is I’ve tried saving that drive to my Media Library. But it doesn’t seem to want to scan the drive. I’ve clicked on rescan drive and it does nothing. Everytime I go look it says that the last scan was N/A. When I go to my Media Library it says there are no media files in there. 

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the community,

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed and also try a reset and/or power cycle.

Here’s how I fixed the  “there is no media found in the current folder” message ( Windows 7, old model):

grant permission to Everyone for all the folders and files that you want to stream.

I had to grant it separately for all the files inside folders, but that’s probably a Windows quirk.

Can’t say how much of this applies to Macs but check it out:

Sorry, none of those work for me as I’m on a Mac. I’m logged into my Mac from my WDTV using my User name. And I have folders with significantly more files in it that have their media files visible so it’s not a folder cataloging issue as in Windows.

I’ve done some more testing. If I take all the contents of that pesky folder and drop them into a folder with visible media files, that folder then suddenly has no media files in it. So it’s clearly one of the files that is creating the Cloak of Invisibility. Has anyone heard of this? Is it possible a corrupt file is causing the WDTV to not see any media files in that folder?