Network Shares with Mac "no media in current folder"

I have a Mac with OS 10.4.11 and have plugged in the WDTV Live in my router (D-Link DIR 615) When I go to Video/Network Shares I do find my computer there but it just states “no media in the current folder” when I try to access it. What folder is the WDTV scanning for media?? I have tried to move media files around in endless number of folders but I can’t find what filder the WDTV is browsing for files.

I can ping the WDTV from my Mac and I can access files on my computer through Media servers but I only find my Torrent program there and I can’t move files from my laptop to the USB hard drive I have plugged in to WDTV Live. What I want to be able to do is;

  1. Move files from my laptop to the hard drive plugged in to WDTV Live and doing this in WDTV Live’s invironment.

  2. Acess the USB hard drive plugged in to the WDTV and use files from there on my laptop.

Can this be done?? If yes, HOW?

Thanks a million!!

It might not work with Tiger. I had trouble getting mine to access my network share as well. When I upgraded to Leopard over new years’ weekend, the problem went away.

Thanks, I guessed my OS could be part of the problem as all tutorials and solutions I’ve found searching for a solution has been with Leopold…

Anyway, thanks for your time. Guess I’ll upgrade as well. Do you know the best way to do it?