No Internet access

  1. Before we start please note that after extensive searching there is no single clear explanation or guidance document to overcome this issue to date, issued by WD. I have read all available posts and seen people tampering with there network system to try and fudge their My Cloud (or similar device) to work and none have helped my situation, also it is clear beyond responsible doubt that the issue is with the ‘My Cloud’ and not my network.

  2. I have an existing network with 2 PC’s (Windows 10), Apple TV, Xbox and Samsung TV all happily accessing the internet via a Virgin media fibre service with no problems and able to accessing the ‘My Cloud’ NAS (internal network).

Issue: Why therefore when I connect the ‘My Cloud’ to my network does it state it does not have internet connection, when clearly there is a connection availability as all other devices have no such problems - This is the question that WD should be answering ‘why there equipment is having issues’ and not what’s wrong with everything else?

I have the latest firmware installed in the My Cloud and completed a full factory reset, but still ‘No internet Access’ and therefore incorrect system time (NTP service) and no auto update availability.

There is no plausible reason why the My Cloud shouldn’t be able to access these simple tasks if programmed to following standard network protocols. Does anyone have the simple reason why WD are unable to be compatible with the rest of the world?

How is the My Cloud obtaining its IP address? DHCP or Static?

How is the router configured? Is it filtering web access by IP?

There are a variety of causes, not necessarily the fault of the My Cloud, for why the My Cloud may not be able to gain internet access. The My Cloud indicates its network status on the Dashboard > Settings > Network > Network Profile section. Status should indicate “Internet access” if properly connected to the internet.

Typically one sees problems with the My Cloud being unable to access the internet if they have set a Static IP within the My Cloud and used the wrong Gateway and or DNS server information. The Gateway address is the IP address used by the local network’s broadband router/gateway. For some broadband providers its best to use their DNS servers rather than public DNS servers. In some cases one has to use the Gateway address (usually their broadband router/gateway IP address) as the DNS address.

As Benner replied, what is yours showing? See example image below.

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