No Firmware that possible?

I know its hard to believe but I have a first generation WD TV and for the life of me…I don’t have a Firmware icon.

I looked in Settings…but all I have is: (Audio/Video)  (Video)  (Music)  (Photos)  (System)

Can anyone help?

The Update Firmware icon does not appear all the time…it will only appear when it detects a connected USB stick that contains firmware newer than the one already on the box.

The suggestion dosen’t work on my Gen 1 unit.  I’ve tried a USB with nothing on it at all but the three files and nothing.  No firmware update icon ever shows up.

Any other suggestions?

I have the same exact issue.  WD TV, firmware version 1.00.01.  There is no firmware icon when I go to home then settings.  please help asap!!!

I had the same problem - the icon will only appear when you have got valid firmware update files on the root of the USB drive, that are newer than your current firmware. I found out I had put gen 2 firmware on and my gen 1 box would not recognise the firmware; as soon as I put the gen 1 firmware on the USB stick it found it straight away and the icon appeared.


off course its does not work because you downloaded Gen2 Codecs. The right codecs for Gen1 contains only 2 files, file name:, codec ver.1.03.01.

Extract two files on the root of USB stick and insert it onto do WD TV, then press Home on Remote and find out Update firmware icon…

Best regards

Let’s try and get the terminology correct - this is FIRMWARE not codecs.  The firmware does not contain codecs.  The video/audio codecs are hardcoded into the chipset.

I had faced the same problem for my generation 1  WD TV HD Player-  reason is i was download generation 2 firmware files and trying to update.

First you need to check which firmware version is installed on ur WD TV.

Setting -> System -> About -> here u will find the current firmware version.

WD TV HD Media Player

Firmware Version 1.03.01

If your WD TV HD Player show less then above version then download latest version(zip).

Version 1.03 Now Available! --> download and extract two files on your laptop/desktop



Copy above two files in the root directory of your pen drive/usb drive/usb hdd  and then switch on ur WD HD TV player  connected with usb drive  - this time you will find the “Firmware update” in Setting tab.

This means only latest version files will enable firmware icon(old version then ur current version or other generation files will not show this icon).

I had the same problem… you guys are correct as far as using a newer firmware than the one that is currently installed on your Player.  One really important thing that fixed my problem is

Make sure you Format your usb flash drive in the FAT file system.  Once I formatted my flash drive with FAT and then copied the firmware onto it.  plugged the flash drive into the player… Powered off the system…pulled the power plug out …then plugged the power cable in again …and powered the Player on again…As soon as it rebooted it found the newer firmware automatically…follow the prompts on the screen… 

Good Luck