Can't Find Firmware Update Icon

I have put the two files for the WDAVN00 on 3 diffrent flash drives that have been formatted before hand trying to update the firmware.

I figured the icon pops up after it located the firmware. Is this true?

I may need to send this device back.

Hi dude!!

That’s a 1st Gen media player… Its last update was Firmware 1.03, updated on 11/09/09 (More than a year ago).

If your media player was released around that date (Or prior), then it won’t be able to recognize the update because it already has it, but you can double check under settings> system> about, if it has version 1.03… Then you are running the latest.

If it is not 1.03, you could try to save the files to a different USB drive (after formatting the unit, to make sure it’s clean) and double check the unzipping process.

I hope it helps!! 

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