No Backup after OS5 5.19.117

Background: IMac M1 running Monterey 12.1. Time Machine backup to MyCloud on OS5 had been running without issue since upgrade to OS5 in 2021. On January 10, 2022, firmware was upgraded to 5.19.117. At this point, all backups stopped to the MyCloud and I cannot figure out to restart it. (As an aside, a normally alternating backup to a USB connected WD external disk continues to work fine, so I have one good backup.)

Both the Mac and the MyCloud have been rebooted. MyCloud reports on the dashboard that it is “Healthy.” I can see all MyCloud directories from Finder. Music is streaming successfully to SONOS from the Music Library stored on MyCloud.

When I go into Time Machine, select “Time Machine Preferences” and “Add/Remove Backup Disk” I see my "TimeMachineBackup"as an option. I select it and get a pop-up that offers me the option to log in or deem the directory “Public.” I select “Public” – that removed the login options – and select “Connect.” I then get a pop-up that says “Time Machine can’t connect to the backup disk. There was an error authenticating the provided username and password.”

I have confirmed that “TimeMachineBackup” is set to public under “Shares” in the Dashboard. I have SMB set to “SMB2, SMB3.”

Again – everything was working without a problem until the firmware update. Nothing was changed in my backup settings or on the MyCloud device. For some reason the now software is asking for a user name and password for a public folder. I don’t see a way around that.

I’m a retired IT guy and I’m completely out of ideas. Anyone???

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I am having this problem too.

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Maybe I need to ask the question a different way: Is there anyone out there with an M1 (Silicon) Mac, on Monterey OS 12.1, that is successfully backing-up to a MyCloud running OS5 firmware 5.19.117? If yes, then I need to try to understand differences between your system settings and mine.

As an aside, I also have an M1 Mac Air on Monterey 12.1 that stopped backing up on Jan 10, as well, to the same MyCloud NAS, and exhibits the same “what’s-your-user-name-and-password-for-a-public-folder” fault. The only difference between the two Macs is the iMac reaches the MyCloud NAS via Ethernet, through a switch, and the Mac Air backs-up over a wireless network. Both backups stopped with the 5.19.117 update.

I have an Intel and M1 mac. They both don’t see the EX4100 with the 10 Jan update. How do Mac users mount to OS5 5.19.117 NAS devices?

I wonder if anyone at WD monitors this discussion group or are we just shouting into the wind?

For TM issues with 5.19.117 please refer to this thread where we found out, that the size limitation seems to be the problem. After setting it to 100% backups work again.

Hope this gets fixed as I want to have a 1TB limitation which worked fine before in 5.18.117.

I believe this is a different problem. I’m set at 100% and my connection is SMB. The error message is not that Time Machine can’t back up or find the share; rather, 5.19.117 (perhaps mixed with Mac M1 Monterey OS) sees the share and believes that the “public” timemachinebackup share requires a user name and password – which, of course, does not exist.

As I noted in my prior post, I can back up all day long to a WD Mac Passport external SSD from any unit without any changes, so this tends to rule-out Time Machine and the SMB connection. So tostor001, are you on a Mac? M1? Monterey? If yes, then there is some subtle difference between our respective settings on Passport. I’d really like to figure that one out.

Can you choose « guest »?

Yes, you can select “guest,” at which point the user and password blocks disappear – but the heading of the pop-up continues to ask for a user and password for the NAS itself – and that has never been required before, nor am I aware of one (there’s one for the administrator – that would not be shared, and each user has one for private shares, but a name and word for the server? Now, I’m stumped. I’ve uploaded a screen shot:

Once you select “Connect” you get this:

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.19.41 AM

At that point you’re dead in the water.

WD Support has a couple of Knowledge Base Articles on Time Machine and the My Cloud. They may, or may not, have any relevant information on how to solve your issue.

My Cloud OS 5: macOS Time Machine Backup to a My Cloud

macOS Time Machine Online User Guide and Solutions

My Cloud OS 5: macOS Time Machine “Backup Disk Not Available” or Finder “Connection Error”

Apple File Protocol (AFP) is no longer supported on My Cloud OS 5 firmware 5.19.197 and higher.
For more information, please refer to My Cloud OS 5 firmware release notes

  • TimeMachine Backups must be reconfigured using Samba (SMB)
  • Connections to shares must be reconfigured using Samba (SMB)

Yeah, I’m familiar with all of these posts.

Be mindful that my backups were working without fail for both Mac M1/Monterey OS units prior to Jan 10, 2022. The 5.19.117 firmware update occurred on Jan 10. I’m assuming – I could be wrong – that the 5.19.117 played a role in this simultaneous interruption. The fact that Time Machine – on both Macs – believes that a MyCloud public folder is now password protected is a symptom of the illness.

If there is one – just one – Mac M1 Monterey user out there who is still getting backups to MyCloud, that would be good to know. We could compare settings and start ruling-out things.

Thankfully, my alternating Time Machine backups to USB-based external drives continues without interruption.

I am running a M1 MacBook and it’s not failing. It’s been on SMB for months. Got 3 other MacBooks which keep backing since the last firmware.
Did you already check the users’ rights on the shares?

To confirm – you’re on Mac Monterey 12.1 and have 5.19.117 firmware installed.

If so, then I need to understand more when you say “did you check the users’ rights on the shares.”

It was my understanding that the TimeMachine share has to be public and, in fact, no user rights should be granted to this share. By definition, if a share is public, then there are no user/password requirement – at least that’s the way I’ve always run the share over the last 5 years. Maybe I’m dumb as a hammer and have missed something staring me in the face.

Give me more details…

I know from old posts that AustinForest and I had problems in the past with this and got it working.

My M1 late 2020 Mac Mini for beta testing was working with the old firmware BUT I have just got and not tested the latest OS5 with the latest Mac Monterey beta.

I have given all the space in the share to TM in the past so that saved me on that problem.

Will report back is I find something.

I generally just move backup files from Acronis-Super duper and CCC to the NAS as the millions of small files that Timemachine makes to a NAS can be a real problem.

Thanks. As an aside, I’m not on a beta Monterey – 12.1 is the current general release.

I do have the backup share set to 100%.

Also agree, that while MyCloud has been rock solid (until now), any past backup glitches/burps I’ve had were associated with Time Machine (particularly laptops, that tend to be active, then sleeping more often). I do like being able to go back and grab a file with Time Machine – and when it’s working correctly, it’s totally hands-off.

Let me know what you find out. I’m at a dead end. Got a support request in with WD, so I’ll let folks know what I learn there.

Regarding users’ rights, I was indeed wondering whether it was correctly set as a Public share.
Did you try restarting both the NAS and your Mac, just in case?

As this article from the WD Support site notes (once you get through the preliminary steps): The Time Machine share is supposed to be “Guest”:

I just rebooted the MyCloud and one of my Macs. The result is the same – a public share is asking for a user and password.

…and to repeat, this is not a situation where I cannot access the NAS. I can move files onto it and off of it. I can stream music to SONOS from the music library (a public share) stored on it. The only thing that will not work is access to the public folder where all of the prior backups are stored prior to the most current firmware release.

Back to the drawing board…and now I know why I’ve always gone to the trouble of having alternating Time Machine backups!!

Can you screenshot your TimeMachineBackup settings? I have “Public” and “oplocks” on.

“Web access” and “trash” are off.

Here’s a screenshot of the share, but I don’t have the same options as you. I’m on MyCloud, not MyCloud Home, so that may be the difference:

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 9.40.01 AM

Now here’s the crazy thing…and I’ve been in the IT world since back in the mid-80s and I’ve seen a lot of stuff … all of a sudden, the requirement for the user and password went away and I was allowed access to the public share from Time Machine…but it is totally ignoring the prior backup and starting a brand new one with the same name. I’ll take it. Weird. I touched nothing. Changed nothing. Maybe I parted my hair a different way. The Gods smiled on me.

Do you really need Mobile and Web access for this share? It is recommended not to turn it on for Time Machine backups.
On my My Cloud EX2 Ultra, I also have the option to turn “oplocks” on.

What version of SMB have you enabled? In settings / network