No access to my wd cloud 4To

Hello, last night, I came over to have access to the Cloud.

The LED remains white, I try to do a reset by disconnecting and hold the reset button press for 40 seconds, it does not change anything.

It is configured for DHCP, and after more than +/- 15 minutes it takes an ip address.

When I get this one in the browser, it is waiting for a response, nothing is going on, even if I use Dashboard WD My Cloud.

Thank you to answer me and gave me a solution.

Hi , Mine is behaving the exact same way. It just stays on white Led , doesnt show up on my network and i cannot access it. I have logged a report at support portal. It is so frustrating cos i have tons of info i cannot access now… i wish i also had an answer

Hi, do you have a USB device plugged in to the MyCloud? If so, unplug it and then do a system restore by pressing the reset button for 40 seconds.


Not any connected USB and I try several times already, do a reset, but nothing to do.

How strange it would say that it works in slow motion! 

I run a ping it, and it responds after +/- 7 min, I try to reach then-web, and there must be a long time before the first page of WD +/- 10 min.

but no way to have access to the interface.

It sounds like the Update Firmware was left on Automatic and your My Cloud has done the update. If you have a lot of Vdieos, Movies, and Pictures loaded, then it is probably Re-Scanning. The My Cloud has limited resoures to work with so it becomes unresponsive until the scan is complete. How long this takes totally depends on how you have your Shares setup + the Twonky Server.

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Try this next. Pull the power cable from the MyCloud and leave it for a few minutes. Push and hold the reset button and then plug the power cable back in to the MyCloud. Continue to hold the reset button for 40 seconds.

If the system restore succeeds, you should be able to access the dashboard to reconfigure the settings. Disable the iTunes server and media streaming services. Set up the MyCloud with a static IP address outside the range of the DHCP pool.