Cant access Dashboard, Cant reset DHCP, I've tried everything except the right thing!

mycloud doesnt seem to reset to DHCP I wait and the light blinks orange then stays orange. After a few minutes, it tries again with blinking orange, then solid orange. Tried to use an IP scanner and couldnt get the computer to see mycloud IP. Swithed cables…still nothing. Im thinking the IP is some obscure number that I cant figure out what to set my IP address to to access this thing. Please help. I bought a newer model of MyCloud Home to even see if I could piggyback it into the new, but THAT bad decision on WD’s part doesnt allow that either. (seemingly)

Can anyone help? This CAN’T be this hard.


You could refer to the following link:

Me too. Looks like the Unix OS is corrupted. Am pursuing