NFS Access?

I’m trying to set up my WD MyCloud v2 2TB with my CCTV DVR.

The DVR supports NFS access, but I don’t see any NFS settings in the MyCloud setup.

Can anyone help me turn on this option?


Look at this link and see if it helps, , it also has a link for the User Manual if you do not have it.

Thanks but I didn’t see the answer there, although the manual does list NFS as an option…

The My Cloud User Manual for the second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units ( does mention NFS and shows it as a setting on the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page in Chapter 7, Managing Shares.

Additionally if one uses the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, they will find a number of past discussions on using NFS and the My Cloud. Here are just a few past discussions:

There are more threads on NFS that can be found using the forum search option (magnifying glass icon upper right). Here are a few:

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Sorry for the confusion - I just realized I have a gen1 device.

My DVR software offers two entries - the IP address and the file path.

What would the file path be if I wanted to save the videos in, say, the public folder?

For example the IP path to reach the Public Share of the My Cloud would be something like the following: \\\Public

Or if using the file path, for example, it would be something like the following: \WDMYCLOUD\Public

Note you would use two back slashes before the My Cloud name or the My Cloud IP address, this website goofs up trying to use double backward slashes.

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