NFS access - Mycloud GEN 2


I had to RMA my old Mycloud and as replacement I received a Gen2 unit. I noticed that firmware was ver 2.x.x and things don’t work the same as with previous firmware.
First problem I noticed was with NFS access. I use to access contents in Mycloud from a Raspberry using NFS protocol. When I set up the new unit I checked in the RasPi that nothing was being exported from Mycloud using showmount -e (mycloud IP). So I logged in Mycloud via SSH and edited /etc/exports adding:
/nfs/Public *(rw).
Then I typed exportfs -r in order to refresh the exports, and voila, I was able to access the contents from the RasPI.
So far, so good. The problem comes now if you reset your Mycloud: In that moment you lose changes in /etc/exports therefore you lose access to your data.

I opened a support case asking about this issue, but in the meantime if someone knows a proper way to handle the NFS access, I’d thank any suggestion.

I got a response from WD support… disappointing response I have to say.

They told me the following: NFS and SSH are external protocols and thus WD don’t provide support to them because they may lead to data loss during they use.

I can’t understand why they claim in the user manual that the firmware v2 admits the NFS protocol and now they answer this.

I’ll keep the thread updated…

Hi @ruben_808

SSH is of course available on the single bay My Cloud. NFS is not available on My Clouds below the EX2 Ultra.

Hi @Joerg_A Joerg_A,

Then I may be misunderstanding the user manual:

User Manual (PDF) (Firmware 02.xx.xx)

Please check page 88:

Appendix B: Specifications
Ethernet High performance (100/1000) Gigabit Ethernet connection
Internal hard drive WD 3.5-inch SATA hard drive
Supported protocols CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, AFP

Besides, in the previous Gen1 with firmware V4, NFS works like a charm…

Hi @ruben_808

Where did you find NFS in the 1-Bay My Cloud with firmware

I checked the units, only My Cloud Mirror Gen.2 with firmware offers NFS:

Hi @Joerg_A,

It is true you don’t have the option to activate / deactivate NFS in GEN1, but it works by default. I guess it’s like other services in the system, ie SMB. But IMO that’s a totally different thing: Not having the option to switch something on / off doesn’t mean that feature doesn’t exist. Right?

Now I am out of this game :wink: Honestly, I didn’t have tried this any time.

Just searching in this same subforum about NFS you can check that many of us were using that protocol in Gen1 without having to change the original firmware.

Anyway, thanks for your inputs!

That’exactly what I thought; SMB, AFP, Apache, etc. A whole bunch of stuff runs by default, but doesn’t have controls on the UI. wdmcserver and wdphotodbmerger come to mind…

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In fact the firmaware v2 allows to enable / disable NFS using the UI although it is not documented anywhere and even the WD’s support staff don’t seem to know.

Log into the dashboard, and go to ‘Shares’ section, and under ‘Set up shares’ you’ll see the list of your configured shares (at least the Public one).
Click on any of them and you’ll see the ‘Share Access’ area. There you can enable FTP and NFS access to that specific share. You can even configure the mountpoint address and the range of allowed IP’s. This overwrites the fstab file and (I checked) is persistent after reboot.

(I’m away from home and don’t have access to the dashboard so I can’t add an snapshot)

NFS works well on GEN2. I connect my Mac and it makes less problems than SMB/AFP. Use automounter/autofs for the best experience.

My client side settings:

Its partially documented (in a way) in the v2.x User Manual in one of the graphic images under Chapter 7 Managing Shares.