Newbie with remote machine connection question


  I just added a WD MyCloud on my shop lan, works fine.

  When at home I can use WD My cloud app to see all the files down in my shop, works fine.

  But I can not seem to map a drive letter to the WD Mycloud from my remote machine. Kind of important as I have apps that use data off the the shared drive. I typically use Z:  and P:

Did I miss some important setup or code install? I really need to map two drive letter on my remote macchine to shares on the My Cloud.


Bob K.

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See the User Manual, Accessing Your Cloud Remotely>Acessing Your Personal Cloud on the Web. Read through this and at the top of page 73 you should see this,  “On Windows, once your share has mounted successfully, a drive letter for the share displays under My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8).”


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Thanks, Big Help

Ok, I had been using the WD My Cloud app when I should have logged into the web site. I forgot that I still had a VPN running down to my skop an my laptop connected that way.

Now I see what is goiing on. What I dont like is I cannot control the drive letter. I would like it better if I could use something like Webdrive an establish connections to and eliminate the Java powered broser managed connection. Forming, holding and finally releasing connections seem shakey though my connection is through a slow DSL link.

If I can control how drive letters map to shares let me know, that would be a big help.

Thanks again for the help.

Bob K.

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I can access my shares, through the WD2Go website, 

Sadly the shares get mapped to letter N: on my computer!

If ONLY I can control the Drive Letter!

I, too, have many applications that I would love to run of my cloud drive!

If you ever found a solution to this, please advise,

And thank you.


I can see my files with wd my cloud desktop app on my work computer. But, the shares are not mapped to a drive and I cannot see how to do that. What am I missing? From some manuals that I’ve read, I’ve see that there should be a “+ Open In Explorer” option in WD app - but I don’t see that. 

I would like to be able to map the wdmycloud shares while on a remote computer so that I can point iTunes to this drive and play music on my device using iTunes. Is this possible? BTW, I can play music files individual from the WD Desktop app. But, I would like to play entire albums, shuffle, use playlists, etc.