Setting up drives for remote access

Sorry if this is covered already in the forum - I’ve looked but can’t find.  I don’t know if I’m heading up a blind alley. 

I’ve just got WD My Cloud - it’s working fine on my home Ethernet.  Both desktop and laptop computers are WIndows 8.1.  I’ve a public share and a private share.  On both desktop and laptop, I’ve used WD Discovery to assign Z: to the public share and X: to the private share - at home, connected to local network (desktop on ethermet, laptop on wifi).  I’d like to relocate “My Documents” to X: rather than C: - so both machines use the same location.  This is all ok at home.

I want to take my laptop out and connect using WIFi, e.g. in a coffee shop.  I can use the MyCloud program to open an Explorer emulator.  However, I want to set up the Z: and X: drives - so that applications access the same drives as if I’m working on my home LAN (i.e. opening a file from My Documents). 

I’ve had some success (after entering name/password through but only to access the public share. I don’t understand.  Is it just that I can only access the public share - or can I enable external access to the private one (as X:)?  Or do I need to put everything on my public share?  I’m also worried that if I can access the public share then can everyone else - i.e. is it really “public”?   Thanks in anticipation (sorry I am new to all this and don’t know the techncial stuff, so if you could please explain in simple steps or point me to guidance that would be much appreciated).  Or tell me I can’t do it.

You should be able to access all shares that are allowed to the user you’re logging into with.

Thanks TonyPh12345.  I’ll keep plugging away at it - knowing that what I’m trying to do isn’t impossible.

Well, some progress.  The awkward thing is having to go out to test it!

I’ve logged in using, then connected to each of the shares.  I’ve then exited the browser that had been open at  It has set upo two new drives - N: and O:.  They still seem accessible.

Is it possible to change these to X: and Z: do you think?  My aim is to either have My Documents or a` link under that folder pointing to My Cloud.  It would be good to use the same drive letters.  I’ve actually already done this with My Pictures - changed its location to X:.  If I click on My Pictures I’m getting an error.