Mapping a drive on mac

Hello, I just bought a wd my cloud 4tb and i’d like to use it as a normal drive (like a “c” drive) both when i’m on the same wireless network and remotely. I need it because i sync 2 different folders and every time something changes on the mac folder it changes automatically also on the wd folder. With the web app is impossible to suyc those folders. Has anybody allready tried to assign a letter to the drive? Does it work? Could you explain me the steps to do that? Thanks in advance

Currently there is no official method for remote drive mapping a My Cloud. WD removed that capability from the website a year ago. To map the My Cloud while on the same local network

Unofficially, and absolutely not supported by WD; one. if they are running the older gen v4.x single bay My Cloud, can install the CloudDAVMod and then remote map their My Cloud.