Help needed for a newbie

Hello everybody,

I’d like to know how to remotely connect to my Cloud Drive (not through a web browser) so I can “mount” the hard drive and remotely use my files, folder…

When I’m connected in the same network, the drive mount on my desktop and I can use it like any other drive.

I’d really like to do exactly the same if I’m not in the same network, and get the drive mounted as a remote server/drive.

I’m using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 and a My Cloud EX2 Ultra

and I really dont know what to do.


Officially you cannot remote map or remote mount a My Cloud drive (at least a single bay/single drive My Cloud unit). WD removed that capability from the web portal over a year ago. Unofficially someone in the dedicated EX2 subforum may be able to help or provide suggestions. In this subforum (My Cloud) which is generally for the single bay My Cloud units there is an unofficial app for the older first gen v4.x version single bay My Cloud units to enable remote drive mapping, but this unofficial app does not work on v2.x version firmware.

WD has previously indicated they do not plan to bring back the ability to remote map a My Cloud unit.

Utter nonsense
I just bought this device only to do that : remotely access my drive from anywhere !!!
this is a bad news

anyway I will have a look at the dedicated forum

thank you for your help


You can remotely access the drive, its just you generally have to use the WD software, apps, FTP (insecure), or to do so. On the more expensive My Cloud units like the EX2 Ultra there are generally more features and options than the single drive My Cloud units (the subject of this My Cloud subforum).

WD generally does not advertise remote mapping as a feature or capability (at least on the single bay My Cloud units), even though they used to offer it before taking it away over a year ago.

If you need remote mapping capability then consider using something like VPN to create a secure tunnel into your network, from there you should be able to remote map a NAS drive like the My Cloud. Do a web search for VPN to learn more about it.