Remotely Mount MyCloud on a Mac over the internet

I have a Mycloud and I think it is great.
It is wired into my home network and when I am on that same networks I have no problems.
When I travel I can reach the drive easily by using the WebInterface of the app on IOS devices but what I would really like to do is to mount the disk as I do when at home so that it is available to `timeMachine etc.
I have expired the apps and cannot find even the disk net address to mount.
Hoping somebody can help


Officially you cannot remote mount the My Cloud. WD removed this option over a year ago when they introduced the OS 3 firmware for the single bay My Cloud units. Officially (and generally) the only way to remote access a My Cloud unit is to use; WD Desktop, web portal, WD My Cloud apps for iOS/Android or the insecure FTP.

Unofficially if you have an older first generation v4.x single bay firmware My Cloud unit you could install the CloudDAVMod which allows for remote mapping of the My Cloud. NOte that this mod is NOT supported by WD and ONLY works on the older first generation v4.x single bay My Cloud firmware.

Many thanks, as I am currently away from home I will have to leave trying this until I get home as I presume it needs access to the actual MyCloud dashboard.


See the link posted above, it details how to install the CloudDAVMod using SSH. You only use the Dashboard to enable SSH (see Dashboard > Settings > Network > Network Services > SSH) if you haven’t previously enabled it.