Can I see My Cloud EX2 Ultra drive in Mac OSX Finder when I am remote?

Hi all - I’m new to the EX2 Ultra - when I am at home on my network, I can see the drive in Finder under LOCATIONS as MYCLOUD-NAME. I would like to be able to do the same when I am remote away from home, so I can open, change and save files to the LOCATIONS - MYCLOUD-NAME as I would my local drive or any other connected drive.

What settings do I need to make for this to happen? Can you provide the steps to make the settings? Thank you.

Hi drumjedi,

My Cloud device allows to remotely access My Cloud data in two ways, via and using My Cloud Mobile App on mobile phones. Initially, you need to enable Remote Access from the dashboard and create in order to get remote access of My Cloud device. You should follow the steps mentioned in below article to remotely access the My Cloud data: