Mac finder external access

I have set up my EX2 Ultra at my home and have full access to everything there.

However, I would also like to have remote access to my EX2, but through my mac finder instead of the web.

How can I set this up?

You can refer to this article:

Thank you for your response, but unfortunately this is via the web. I already succeeded.
Would like to get it in my finder

It might show up as MyCloudex2 if you open a finder window and click on network.

But I’ve found it doesn’t really work. For instance to copy files from the EX2 to a drive that’s attached to it, for backup purposes, is incredibly slow. Doing it via the web interface is unreliable and messy, but will usually work in the end. I feel (and I don’t think I’m the only one) that the whole WD EX system is designed for PC and while WD says it works for Macs, and claims to support us Mac users, we’re just a nuisance to themn and they don’t understand our issues. For instance, they say they work with Time Machine, but really it’s rubbish. Unfortunately I 've spent so much money and time on a pair of EX2Ultra systems that I feel I must persist with them.


Using Finder > Go > Connect to Server > smb://[EX2 IP] > Enter you user & password > choose folder to mount

Thank you all for your response.

I notice that I have to formulate my question better.
From home I get to see my EX2 in my finder and it works great.

But when I’m at the office, I also want to see it in my finder.
So if I am in a different place outside of my house and therefore outside of my own network.

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I think no way with EX2 Ultra, only WD Sync / access via mycloud website.
I use WD My Cloud Home (newer product) and it automatic show in finder like google drive.

I am also looking for this. I know it was possible at one point, because my friend in another country was able to upload files through finder to my server, then suddenly it stopped working and I have not found a way to regain that file sharing access through finder again. Did you find a solution?