How to add EX2 Ultra to Mac Finder outside of local network

Hi, I’m new to the EX2 Ultra. If I’m outside my local network, i.e. anywhere but my home, I’d like to still be able to to access my EX2 through Mac Finder, so I can click, drag, open files, like any other drive.

Where and how do I set this up in Dashboard? Thank you!

You can see the dashboard. Do need to setup portforwarding in NAS and Router. Then get a free Noip dns service and register in your router. So that you dont need to remember the IP public assigned by ISP service.

Once you hit the ip with specific port you can view the dashboard with same login.

Do share which router you use. Most router support dns registration.

Thanks for the help so far. Is there no way that I can see the drive as part of my Mac Finder, just like any other drive on my laptop, so I can click and drag files in and out of it?

My true goal with this drive is to be able to store my entire collection of files on this drive and be able to access any of them remotely for read and write, so I don’t need any more portable drives, Dropbox services, etc. Thanks!

you can do that cloud services allows you to remotely access

for local you can map the drive by pointing to the IP it was connected to the network.

Hi drumjedi, I want the same: See the drive as part of my mac finder when I am NOT at home.
I think dirtymacho didn’t get you.
Have you found a solution yet ? If so please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, can anyone else help? I didn’t plan on this being a network server, I just wanted to be able to access my files remotely through my Mac OSX Finder, just like I would any other drive. NOT through the web. I want to be able to open, change and save files to that drive just like I would my local drive, by seeing the EX2 Ultra in Finder like any other drive, just like I do when I’m home and on my network. I assume I will NOT see the drive in my Finder when I am remote, unless I make changes to the settings.

I have no idea what settings to configure in order to accomplish this. I just need to know what they are and where they are for this to happen. I can do the rest.

I’m looking for the same solution. A friend of mine who lives abroad, makes high quality texture packs that we use for our projects. I’m doing the same here, and we want to be able to access them in a NAS that I have setup here, through finder. I’m using the EX2 Ultra and I was able to do it in the past, then something happened and I’m not able to find how I set it up previously.

Can you provide a link for “cloud services” setup, so I can accomplish this remote access?

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