Help needed for a newbie


Hello everybody,

I’d like to know how to remotely connect to my Cloud Drive (not through a web browser) so I can “mount” the hard drive and remotely use my files, folder…

When I’m connected in the same network, the drive mount on my desktop and I can use it like any other drive.

I’d really like to do exactly the same if I’m not in the same network, and get the drive mounted as a remote server/drive.

I’m using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 and a My Cloud EX2 Ultra

and I really dont know what to do.

Edit : User Bennor told me that this function is no more supported, but there is a trick to achieve this
I only bought the My CloudTM EX2 Ultra 16 TB to do that… Grrrrrrrr




you can access the files remotely but mounting it will be a tough job. Even snmp has to be local or you can try connecting to home based VPN which needs a smart router to setup. Once you are inside your network then i believe all the devices are accessible.

Netgear and Asus have openvpn support as client or server. You need to join the network and then you can try mounting the storage.

Alternatively if you just needs files access. You can still use the built in filemanager as well remotely. All you need to do is enabled cloud Dashboard access and remote access via custom port. Which needs a port forwarding from the router to reach your NAS. Which is better if you setup a static ip or reserve the address in the router LAN option.

If you still cant figure out post here till where you gone and where you stuck.


Thank you for all these info, unfortunately I don’t understand what you try to explain, do you have a tutorial or something that explain what I have to do step by step ?
thank you


First let us know which branded router you have

Second once you can connect to vpn enabled router from outside home you can access

or if just small files you want to occasionally access still the dasboard have build it file manager.


I will look at that later, I don’t have it now, it is in my office. but I now I have 2 box
one where the fiber optic come in
and another box connected to the first one with an ethernet cable. the second one is for my wifi network,
and I plug the WD My Cloud to the second one witch have also 4 internet port

about your second question, I would like to access pictures and some of them are heavy maybe 150 Mb some less, I would like to work with Lightroom and have all the pictures in my WD My Cloud


I also know that I don’t have static ip but I can ask for one if it’s absolutely necessary


DDNS may fit nicely . So you dont need to remember. Just add the port forwarding feature in router if you want to have Dashboard access.

As i said earlier. WD cloud access still works better.


I just got my new WD My Cloud EX4100 up and running today, but have run into a few problems. One thing I’ve noticed in the forums is that multiple people say the dashboard has a file manager. I do not see this anywhere (I’ve (at least, I think I have) clicked all the tabs and all the options, but don’t see a file manager in the dashboard). What am I missing?

Thank you for your time and help!


?I’m only a beginner myself, but in the Apps Menu of th dashboard,-> One of my Installed Apps, is a WEB FILE VIEWER. This gives basic file manager functions