Newbie dashboard and library help

Hi I’ve recently purchased the PR2100 8tb. And am running via windows 10 on home network.

Turned in fine. Accessed the dashboard fine. Had some food then came back to it about 10mins later and couldn’t access the dashboard anymore. Done a 4second reset. Got access to the dashboard again, 10mins later couldn’t get access again however the Nas still appears on the network in the PC.

Seems to be an issue but wanted to check if I am missing any simple steps.

Also when I double click on the pr2100 within my computer should I get the shares library to be able to copy and paste files into? Or do I not treat the NAS as an external hard drive? Being able to copy and paste movies over etc. If not then how do I get my movies into the NAS.

Any help on for a newbie would be appreciated.



Hi Bilt22,

The 4 Second Reset (Reset with Power On) is performed by pressing the reset button of a My Cloud for at least 4 seconds. While the 4 second reset does not reset the admin user account and password if account is assigned to a different My Cloud User.

However, you can access the My Cloud Share data from Storage in File Explorer.

  • Right mouse click and select Open to access the shares of a My Cloud
  • Right mouse click and select View Device Web Page to access the dashboard of a My Cloud in a web browser