Newbie - Connecting WD to wifi using LM Tech usb Wireless adapter

Hi All, 

Please excuse my newbie status, i have just purchased and very happy with my WD Live Media Player, however i am having trouble connecting to my wireless router. 

I have a LM Technologies LM001 Wireless USD Network Adapter, purchased here:

Now i am having trouble connecting to my router, i plus the dongle into the USB slot (have tried both) and go to Settings, Network Setup, Automatic, and then after a please wait for 1 minute get the message: “Unable to obtain an IP Address. The Media player has limited or no network connectivity.”

Can anyone suggest advice or help in any way? I know it’s not on the (very small) list of approve WD wireless adapters, but pretty much most of them can’t be purchased here in the UK (out of stock or discontinued)

Help! :frowning:

Many thanks


"…I know it’s not on the (very small) list of approve WD wireless adapters…"

Then you took a risk.   If the WDTV doesn’t show two different settings under NETWORK  for WIRED/WIRELESS than you’re out of luck.

If the WDTV doesn’t recognize your USB dongle, you’re not going to get it to work.   Best to hope for is a future firmware upgrade that might at support for it.

I just looked through the list.  The first 4 out of 5 are available on    I stopped looking after that…  So, in my belief, MOST of them ARE available.  They’re just more expensive.

Hi James, welcome to the forum.  ;)

Can you tell us what firmware you’re using?

Some of the newer firmwares added support for additional wi-fi chipsets, so there’s a slim (teeny tiny) chance that your adapter may be recognised by the latest firmware.  Could be worth a shot.

After any firmware update, remember to reset the unit (pin-hole button on side - paperclip time!), factory reset via the system settings and, after all that’s done, unplug the box for a good 10 minutes to flush it out.  Let each process complete before proceeding to the next.

If it still doesn’t work, perhaps you can get a refund from Amazon and purchase a supported dongle.

Good luck!  :)

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Thanks for the helpful and polite reply Pixel Power! :slight_smile:

I have just purchased the 

Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N

so will try this when it’s delivered!

Many thanks