New with WD SmartWare and Dropbox with problem!


I need help with WD SmartWare please!

Hi, I’m new with dropbox and WD SmartWare. The problem: backup with WD SmartWare Pro software was working fine and backup was running. I have about 400 GB for the first backup. After almos 2 months working and not finished it re-started from zero yesterday! I can see I have “Other files” backup of 250 GB (it was almost finishing), all together, and now it is starting a complete new backup from my WD SmartWare (that is, it is marked as docs backups, photos, etc, the same WD SmartWare configuration. I will have to wait again for all files?




If you canceled the old backup and started a new one then WD Smartware will not recognize the previous backup. you will have to wait for the new backup to complete.