No Backup with WD SmartWare


today I wanted to use my passport ultra the second time to backup my data.

The first time it worked like a charm.

My expectation for today was that after connecting the drive and starting WD Smartware it would automatically discover the changed and new files and do a backup of them … but nothing happend.

At the start it says “backup accomplished successfully” but there are a lot of new and changed files (about 18 GB). It seemd that it did not recognize the changes because “data to backup” and “data backed up” had excatly the same values for files and size.

After unchecking the file types to backup and checking them again and also disable and enable the backup, it seems to recognize that there are changes and seems to starts … saying “250 GB of 268 copied” up it does nothing for hours now.

What can I do?


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

WD Smartware, will do the backup automatically when you are away from the computer.

To make sure that everything is backed up, within the software, stop the backup, restart your PC and run the backup again.

If you are running a continuous backup, will be better if you leave the drive attached to the computer so the backup will be updated automatically.

… I did as you recommend, the result was:

  • after 4 hours smartware said “Backup accomplished successfully”

  • under WD SmartWare.swstor I can only find 64 files and folders with a new time stamp

There are at least 500 doc and ppt (new ones and changed ones) that should be backed up … but it seams that smartware does not recognize them.

Any ideas what to do next?

I have the same problem. :angry:

I still see “Backup accomplished successfully” and the only option I have, down on the right, is to “Disable Backup”. The LED is steady, sometimes flashing slowing, but mostly steady. There’s no real way of knowing that it’s doing anything. (I guess it must be, but it would be nice to see this clearly.)

It’s had hours over two days to backup some new files. It took WEEKS to backup about 90GB originally (I’m using USB 2.0), but at least I could see that the number of files being backed up was increasing. Now, I see nothing. There shouldn’t be all that much that needs backing up now, so I wouldn’t expect it to take this long to see a change. That said, I’m already seeing “Backup accomplished successfully” from the first/last time, so that’s not exactly going to help much, is it?

Seriously, WD, SmartWare is such rubbish software. If I don’t see a change today, and my newest files saved on this device, I’m uninstalling SmartWare - and no way will I be choosing WD next time, for anything. I’ve wasted too long on this already today.

The following guides might be of interest to you:

Using a WD external drive without using WD SmartWare

How to uninstall WD SmartWare Version 2.2.x and earlier from Windows (8, 7, Vista, or XP) and Mac OSX (10.4, 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7)

(I just hope the above guide on uninstalling also applies to version 2.4.6…)

Good luck!