New WDTV Live Gen 3...come on now, this is ridiculous

Hi all

Please tell me I am doing something stupid? I have searched the boards found a few answers but no solutions so I thought I’d post to see if you guys can help me out…

p.s. I am on the latest firmware

Problem 1

When I first launched the WDTV live, entered the wi-fi info and connected to my Virgin media super hub (automatic settings). Was brill, was fine.  Halfway through Scarface there was a pause in the playback.  When the film finished I found that the connection had been lost.  Tried reconnecting, without luck.  I plugged in the ethernet cable and connected fine.

The next day, I still couldnt connect so I reset the system back to factory and started again.  This time I used fixed manual netword settings.  Network connected ok and I started adding content info for my movies.  Half way through it went off again and much to my annoyance the network credentials I entered have disappeared!!  I can only connect through the cable and have resisted another factory reset as I wanted to ask here.

What’s causing this? IS there a solution for the wi-fi?

Problem 2 - less of an issue

I keep my media on a series of external HDD, I plug in and watch.  I have genre folders set up with genre thumbnails (folder.png, folder.jpg) all was well until I started downloading the content information for the films inside the folders.  Now each folder has a thumbnail from one of the movies in the folder as apposed to the thumbnails I had made for the genre.

What’s the solution for this please? I have deleted the WDTV folder from the root of my hdd but it’s still showing the new thumbs.

Thanks in advance for your help(s)

Did you search the boards below because that’s where you should be posting. This forum is for the old Live / plus.