WDTV Connection Issues - Wifi and MyLibrary Hard drive

Hello - I scanned the forum but couldnt find anything so I thought i would ask…

My WDTV now will not read my WD hard drive that is connected by USB. Ive tried restarting both units, reset to factory standard, changing USB outputs and still nothing.

Recently ive seen the unit freeze up while playing movies… Now it wont read it at all.  The HD is fine for me when plugged to the computer.

Secondly, it now wont complete firmware updates… It says i dont have a stable connection at around 95-99% and stops… My internet is fine, i dont have any connectivy issues.

Any ideas? It seems like it just doesnt want to connect to anything? :frowning:

I apprechiate any advice. Thank you


Go to the WD web site and download the firmware to your computer, then use a small flash drive and copy the file to it  and then try to update the firmware again.

Copied over the files onto a USB as stated in this blurb (  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfwdtv_live )

WDTV recognized the usb stick. Clicked to update firmware and it automatically trys to update from my wifi, crapping out  about 90-99% citing wiresless connection issues.

When i turn my internet off or turn it to manual connection it no longer gives me the firmware update option.

The WDTV recognized the usb stick on both ports, but it does not recognize my my book essential for some reason??

First of all I assume that you have the correct firmware for your player. You do have an old WD Live player and not the new gen3 Live Streaming player.

What is the model number of your player and what firmware is currently installed. What firmware version is the player attempting to update to from the internet.