Problem updating my WD HD TV live

Hello! Just bought the Live-version and i like it alot. I dont have it connect to internet yet.

And i thought i should update it to the last version, so i downloaded and unzipped it on to my USBstick, connected it to the box.

But as i follow the directions here:

it will only try to connect to internet, and i got the message it fails to do that.

How do i make it understand that the update is on the USBstick? i really followed the directions but it wont work =(




try this:

unplug power

insert the usb stick with the firmware files and notjhing else on it at root level, so not in any folder.

Dont have any other devices connected. Plug in power.

Device boots, and you should see a message saying something like found new firmware version,

Press enter on the remote, could be that you have to confirm again to update, cant remember.

Than the device reboots into upgrade mode, you will see a progress bar. Wait until device reboots again.

Then you should be done.

Hope that helps.

and there it died…is this a joke? it just promt that i do put in the usbstick with recover on it??? what is this, 1 day old =(

well after cursing and looking at some hockey… i swiched channel… and there it was… alive?! oh well… up n running with .11 version.

Oh yeah, the upgrade takes forever. It scared me too. Even longer from internet… :slight_smile:

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