WDTV Live stopping internet


Hope I’m in the right area. I’ve go a bit of a weird problem with my player. I’ve been using it fine with it plugged straight into my broadband for a while now. But yesterday I got a new TV so which also connects to my Virgin Media hub.

Now all of a sudden when I switch the media player on I lose my internet connection.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so whats the solution?



This used to happened to me as well. 

The only time this would happen is if I tried to use one of the streaming services AND a 1TB HD was plugged into the rear or front USB port. 

I remember being pretty surprised when I saw that this little device actually shut down the internet connection.

I have since removed the 1TB HD (also, western digital) altogether unless we want to watch something from it.  Just causes too many problems.  Totally unacceptable solution, but, for some reason works.  ISP is verizon.

Sorry if this situation is not applicable to yours.

I have a 2TB plugged in as well. I will unplug and try. Weird as it was working before I changed my tv,

What happens if you unplug the connection to the TV.

I will report back

Well I tried unplugging the connection to the TV and still had the problem. Also tried the same with the hard drive and again still had the problem.