New WD Live Player issues recognizing multiple hard drives

I had the old model for about 2 years or so that recently gave out on me.  I went and purchased the new model of the WD Live Media Player HD and have had an issue with it ever since I bought it.

At first it would not recognize any of my 6 external hard drives (120 gb Seagate, 320gb Seagate, 500 gb, 2 tb WD, 3tb Seagate, and 4 tb Seagate) ,  I did a little research and decided to reformat my 320gb hard drive.  I moved a few files over to it and plugged it into the WD Live to test.  It worked! I thought I was home free, but then as soon as I disconnect the hard drive or turn off the player and restart it,  I continue to get the message of "No Storage Present ".  I decided to reformat it again and test files and it works (also, I’ve done this with the 120 gb as well).  It seems that I have to reformat the hard drive everytime in order for the player to recognize the hard drives.

Has anyone come across this issue or know a way to get this resolved so I can avoid having to reformat everytime I want to watch movies from my hard drives?  Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks!

Are you 'ejecting" the drive before disconnecting it?

That has worked  with the ones that it seems to recognize after the formatting, but if for some reason it is disconnected without ejecting it reverts back to the same error ( to be honest I wasn’t doing that when i FIRST got the new player ).  Could it be possible thats why its not recognize the other drives also?  ( i’m an idiot apparently.) 

This is not the forum for the “new” model.  A different forum is for the newer model called Live Streaming.  So, which model do you really have? – it would be easier to help if we know.  (model number please; on the bottom of the unit)

My apologies, obviously this is my first post and I was unaware of a different section for the newer model.  I was referring to my new model  (WDBHG70000NBK-HESN), but If i could get some assistance with my older model WDBAAN0000NBK that would be helpful as well. 

Older Model issue - was recognizing all of my drives without any issue then one by one gradually stopped recognizing each and every hard drive.  Even after reformatting it still doesnt recognize any of them. 

No apology required – just wanted to know which WD we need to help you with. 

So, OK, the new model (Streaming) works OK, right?  It is the old model (Live) that is having problems, right?  Clarify, please.