Hard Drive recognition issue

I have a 3 TB WD external hard drive that is connected to my WDTV Live and as of last night the WDTV does not recognize the drive.  I have not had a significant amount of problems until recently.  Most problems before were solved my turning off the automatic media library.  This is different.  It just flat out does not recognize the drive.  I plug it in,  the WDTV says connecting to USB storage, then nothing.  When I try to select local storage it says “no storage present.”  I have tried just about every combination of plugging and unplugging possible with no luck.  I have reset the WDTV as well and have the most recent firmware installed.  The drive is good because I plugged it into my laptop and can access the files like I should be able to do on the WDTV.  I used the drive and WDTV 2 days ago to watch a movie with no problem.  The only thing I unplug the hard drive for is to add more movies.  The only thing I have not tried is swiching the USB cable but since the WDTV goes to recognize the drive I assume the cable is fine.

I’m not saying this happened to you but a buddy of mine called about exactly this issue and had somehow magically managed to format the drive to ExFAT in between which the WD cannot read.

I moved al files off of the HD, reformatted, moved files back (nearly 2 TB so this was a days work) and not change.  Thried different USB cable, no change.  Used a thumb drive to test the USB ports and they work fine.  My HD works with both my home computers and my office computer so its not the hard drive.  I can even attach the hard drive to my laptop and stream through the WDTV Live, but the player itself will not recognize the drive when attached.

Am baffled beyond measure.  I feel like I have tried everything short of replacing the WDTV Live.