Connection issues/ can't find local storage - 1.15.10


ok, so I had the original (non-networked) version of the western digital player. Nice & simple, can’t remember anything ever going wrong with it (apart from the power supply going after a few years - which you’d say was fair enough!).

I bought the new one ( WD TV Live Media Player ) around a month ago and I have to say that I’ve only had issues with it since.

It keeps coming up telling me that there’s no storage present (when I have a USB stick in both slots - the devices were not showing up under disk mgr either). Drops my connections (to networked drives) and then asks me to re-enter the passwords for local shares (I was sharing from my laptop - Windows7 64-bit).   It then proceeds to tell me that I’ve entered the wrong username or password (I haven’t!).

Is this just an issue with the new firmware update (1.15.10) or can I look forward to these issues for the duration of this products use?   I’m really not impressed at all so far and am seriously reconsidering any further purchases of anything WD (they were the only external drives that I’d ever buy)

Am I better off just formatting this & putting the non-official firmware on?




Please try resetting the media player by holding the reset button on the bottom for 1+ seconds.

If this does not resolve the issue then try to roll back to a previews firmware.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player


I did hold the reset button on the underneath of the system - no help/ resolution there.  I ended up selecting “Reset to factory defaults” in the menu (which “resolved” the “No storage attached” issue for the moment).

From one of the previous posts I thought that the latest firmware has merely got aesthetic changes - so, would rolling back really solve the issue?

thanks for the response.



Please try it just for testing purposes.


which firmware version would you recommend?



Firmware Ver. 1.14.09

I was getting the same problem.

so I did roll back to Firmware Ver. 1.12.14,in my opnion this is the stablest one.

A [chkdsk xxx /f]solved the same issue I had.

I don’t recommend alternative firmware till more work has been done on it

WDLXTV is currently only early alpha with lots of bugs and stuff not working