New user question re Smartware and MyBook live drive

Re smartware.  I have been in habit of using the drive to back up day-to-day files to a named backup file, and a second named backup to hold my photo backups.  Can this be done with smartware?  Seems the Smart ware will do an ongoing backup of all the files I choose and keep adding new ones incrementally which may be just as effective…

Re drive, unable to use my ccurrent backup software because unable to see drive on my network.  Seems I am having this problem since I updated software and firmware.  My old backup files made using “EasyBackup” remain on the drive.

Is there a way to access the drive as a drive only and eliminate the “cloud”?

Any comments will be appreciated.


WD SmartWare will keep a single, continuous, progressive, incremental backup per system. It will only add new/modified files, and once it reaches the User-selected threshold for maximum copies, it will proceed to replace the oldest copy with the newest one individually per file (Not the whole backup).

The WD My Book Live is a NAS and uses the Ethernet port. Even when used locally with no Internet connection, your backup software still needs to be able to work with network volumes.


Thanks for the info.