Incomplete backup

I recently had to to re-install MyBook Live and Smartware after a laptop repair.  Looking at Smartware is says that only 9 files are not backed up and I can see from the list which 9 these are.  However looking at the drive through Windows explorer I have identified many files which are NOT the latest version, including several which I amended this morning.  The version showing on the MyBook Live drive are all a day or so out of date.  Why is this?  I am usimf the Files method of backup (not Category) and all the folders are checked so I would expect any changes to files on my hard drive to be replicated to MyBook.  These files are noty in use and in any case I would expect to see them in the Files Not Backed Up list.  This is worrying as I can no longer rely on my backup being up to date.  I chose WD Smartware as opposed to other backup solutions as I wanted a solution that was automatic and didn’t require me to manually backup my data every day, week etc.  I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and the latest version of Smartware and Firmware.  I have tried stopping and restarting the backup and rebooting the device.


Please note that WD Smartware is a automatic backup software, it will do the backup averytime that your computer goes to stanby.

As a recommendation, you can try to stop the backup restart the computer and then start the backup again, then leave the computer for a while and the software should resumes the backup automatically.

Please check the user manual for the software on page 28