WD Smartware stopped making complete backups. It says backup completed successfully but not

What is wrong with WD software.

I have left the computer on for 2-days.  It says Backup Completed Successfully but many folder of pictures are not there.

The thing was working fine, no it is random.  Some files up to date and some not.

Software says up to date 2.1.0

I have restarted unit.

I have checked to see if all check marks are correct for what I want backed up.

I have blue data backed up on backup screen.

It appears to be working correctly on my win 7 32 bit.

But my win 7 64bit laptop no so.

On 64bit computer on smartware backup window bottom left I have 2 blue boxes on says Switch to Category, the other says set backup files.  On my 32 bit I have a third window that says backup NOW.

Is 64 bit program missing something?

Make sure no other software is conflicting with the backup application.

Check your firewall and security software on the 64 Bit OS computer.