Will not backup!

Installed Smartware ver 2.4.10 on a Win 8 laptop.  My HD is partitioned into a C: drive (Windows) and a E: drive (Data).and I am using MyBook Live 2TB hard drive.  

I have set both drives for backup with selected folders from C: and the whole of E: in my backup schedule  I have tried both Continuous and Scheduled backup options and have also used the Backup Now option.  

My problems are that  : (a) There is no progress shown of any backups occuring (b)under the Backup tab the right hand side of the screen indicates no files have been backed up © when I view the Mybook Live drive under Windows Explorer there are SOME files present in the Smartware folder but nowhere near enough files for a complete backup (d) there is no report or log  of the backup job having completed (e) on the backup schedule for ONE of the drives it indicates a ‘last backup’ date/rtime even though the backup screen says no data has been backed up!

Backup software is crucially important and I have to have confidence that it works 100% accurately all of the time.  I have no confidence in WD Smartware so far unless of course I have completely misunderstood how this software is suppoed to work.


I completely switched off my PC and switched it back on.  Relaunched Wd Smartware.  NOW I see some files being backed up!!!  No idea why the backups never got off the ground initially.  Still worrying though!  I installed WD Smartware initially two years ago when I first purcahsed my MyBook Live and ended up removing it and using another solution instead as it appeared too flaky. As  it is two two years on and having upgraded my laptopn and reinstalling all my programs I thought I would giveit a go once more.  Doesn’t look promising so far!


I recommend you uninstall and reinstall WD Smartware. If you still have the same issue after that, then I recommend you contact support for assistance.

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