New and confused

I just installed My Book Live 1 TB drive on my Win 7 64 bit desk top computer and have several questions. The new drive was reconized in Explorer as Drive “W” and also as a network drive but after the backup there are no files in either public folder. Shoulden’t I be able to see my back up other than in Smart Ware? That brings me to the next question. When I view the back up in WD Smart Ware the files are not in the same order as on my hard drive. Music files are in the Documents and Music folders and the same for pictures and Doucuents. I can’t find anything. Is there a way to fix this or is this normal. Also the search fuction does not seam to work in te “retreive” tab. Also I thought this drive would automaticaly back up new files. Hope someone can help. Thanks

No.  Smartware puts its data in a hidden volume that you can’t see.

I’m not sure what’s going on in your second question, since I don’t use SmartWare.  I use Norton Ghost. 

wdSmartware is running in the background, eyeballing for new music or documents or “other” that get saved to your computer.

When your computer is idle (if that’s how you set up smartware) the MBL will then backup those new files. 

If you want to see all the files for yourself, you can either do a manual backup to a folder, or use a third party program, win7 probably has one built in, right?

when you actually open up smartware, you can see a comparison between your computer and the drive, to see if you have a bunch of info that is new on the PC, but not yet added to the MBL.  If the transfer is set to happen during down time, but you always power off your PC when you’re finished, then maybe you’re not giving the MBL a chance to get those files from smartware.  In this scenario you should not check the “wait until idle” option.