Backed up with WD SmartWare but can't see backed up folders- how to use files on MyBookLive?

Well- I have backed up 436 GB of my data with WD SmartWare onto MyBookLive, but I can’t see backed up folders- all I can see in Windows Explorer under Network is MYBOOKLIVE/Public and  MYBOOKLIVE/Printers.  In MYBOOKLIVE/Public, I see sub-folders for Shared Music, Shared Pictures and Shared Videos.  I realise that I can I drag and drop music, pictures or videos into these network folders, or put them there from my iPhgone using WD Photos, but doesn’t this just create ANOTHER COPY to what has already been  put there by WD SmartWare backup???

How do I get files onto MyBookLive that you can stream or access from Windows Explorer?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

SmartWare Backups aren’t simply copies of the original files.   Like almost all other backup programs, Smartware bundles files together and stores them in larger, aggregate files which are unreadable to anything other than SmartWare.

Backup filesets are normally stored in a hidden partition.

If you want “normal” access to specific files, you’ll need to copy those specific files to the MBL.