SmartWare backup MyBook Live to My Cloud?

I just bought a 3TB My Cloud to back up an existing MyBook Live. Can SmartWare do this, particularly in continuous mode? Or should I stay with the backup software I’ve been using since Win2K that still seems to work (but has no continuous mode)? I’ve never used SmartWare and am new to this forum.

NOTE: I’m about to switch to Win10, so I’d also like to know whether SmartWare is compatible with Win10.


I found the answer. You can’t get there from here. SmartWare requires that you be backing up a drive on your computer, not a network drive like MyBook Live. Dang.


Thats correct, WD Smartware cannot use a network drive as source for a backup.

re: “SmartWare requires that you be backing up a drive on your computer,” I’m trying to backup using a USB drive tethered to MyBook. Unsuccessful. Is this cause of the tethered configuration? It’s not really networked, and it’s on my computer through a router.

Yes, it has to be an internal drive or a USB attached drive.